Georgina Read

Georgina is a passionate believer in learning, adventure, growth and empowerment. Her interest in the world was sparked at a young age, sitting at her Gran’s knee listening to tales of China and Brazil. Her flair for performance started even younger as she played the role of Mary in her nativity play at school – and LOVED being on the stage.

Georgina Read

With a bachelors in Psychology and Drama, she headed to Japan after graduation to start her world adventures. What started as a gap year, ended up as 8 years. She returned to South Africa, speaking Japanese and having gained a world of experience. In South Africa she has explored business both running a stall over World Cup 2010 and importing cosmetics from Korea for retail. Driven by her desire to help people grow, she continued to use the platform of education, training soft skills as well as voice coaching and presentation.

A personal journey into the world of money fitness left her shocked at 35 realising how she knew nothing about money and how to keep it. Despite various successes, how to keep money had not been part of her education. A new mission was born and Money Fit was founded. Georgina loves to be fit and strong, live minimalist and travel the world. You will find her devouring maps, joining Zumba class and watching the share prices in her free time. Send her a message or question here

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